Why Choose Us?


Here's what we do:

We sell quality lasting jewellery for everyday wear. 

Here's why we're different:

We skip ALL the middlemen. Nowadays there is a plethora of middlemen applying their own charges for their services and handling the products before they make it into your hands. What we're doing, is we're going straight to the artists and crafters and forming partnerships.

Here's why we're good at it:

We communicate effectively forming working relationships with them. They enjoy having a real person who cares about their business to talk to on the other end of the line, as anyone would, instead of another middleman who'll simply hand off the products to a warehouse and not care for the products in their transit.

Why should I care?

We're small and newly established. We had an idea of taking the communication and research expertise of our team and making the trade of our time for the cost savings of the fewer more emotionally invested people involved. This is why our products are of better value at their prices.

Each of our products, once purchased, is shipped directly from the crafter, wherever they may be worldwide.  

This method enables new  fashionable products to be added extremely fast and to our specific taste. We needn't go through a jungle of middlemen and hidden costs to bring them to you. We just provide them as soon as our artists have them ready!

Our name:

Our unique company name, Okami Vargar, is simply the fusion of the two words which translate as "wolf" in both Japanese and Celtic. We love Japan and Japanese culture. It's heritage is a beautiful one in our eyes. Celtic heritage and jewellery design resonated highly too and the name really just sounded good to us. 

We are now a newly established, independent, group of design fanatics brought together by our founder and CEO, Alex Molsey. We take pleasure in finding, collating and delivering high quality beautiful products to our customers. Our passion for nature and it's beauty fuels our collective goal to find truly worthy products to distribute. If you made it this far, thank you! And welcome to team Okami.